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Moved accounts to BananaPhace
United States
Hello, person/other being! :>

I liek:
Fruit...random I know, but still I like fruit

My other account:BananaPhace

Current Residence: Illinois
Favourite genre of music: reccommend something. I always ask "name a song"
Operating System: Windows Vista
Shell of choice: shell? you mean seashells??
Wallpaper of choice: doesn't matter
Skin of choice: mine :B
Favourite cartoon character: Yotsuba and Jack Skelington :D
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: World's end Dance hall
  • Reading: finished Chinese cinderella
  • Watching: prinnies explode
stolen from cockabeetle
[ ]You have tried leeks before.
[x]You like/liked the color green at some point in your life.
[ ]You like to do Leekspin with random straight objects.
[ ]Your first favorite pairing involves Miku.
[ ]You often catch yourself singing songs originally by Miku, even if you don't know the words.
[ ]You insist on listening to Miku's version of Leekspin.
[ ]Your singing voice is high.
[ ]You can hit high notes without too much trouble.
[ ]You hate slow songs unless Miku sings them.
[x]You tend to like to dance. [lol choreo plz]
[ ]You tend to lead your group of friends
[ ]You wish Miku had her own version of RING X RING X RING.

[x]You have shoulder-length hair. [a little past it but yeh]
[ ]You're the oldest of your siblings.
[ ]You like to wear lighter clothing.
[x]You're something in between a girly-girl and a tomboy.
[x]You like big machines. [I seriously get excited when I pass a steam roller on the road]
[ ]You like to and are good at torturing your siblings.
[ ]You tend to be really peppy.
[x]You like citrus fruits.
[x]You don't have that many skirts. [I don't have ANY aha]
[x]Green is the enemy.
[x]You like the song Meltdown.
[ ]You have every girl's trouble of confessing to boys/girl

[x]You like to wear your hair in a ponytail, even if it's a hassle to get it to stay.
[x]You are the youngest or in the middle of your siblings.[middle o 3 o]
[ ]Your siblings like to torture you, and you often get beat.
[x]You get all the tough love in the family. [damn old granny cousins...]
[x]You have the lyrics to a lot of Len songs.[I know most of them xD]
[ ]You like to sing Len's version of World is Mine, even if you're a girl.
[x]You like fast songs, but slower ones are fine too.
[x]You're more of a follower, but you know you have potential.
[ ]You like bananas. [they're mushy . x . ]
[x]People like to be around you. [pfft. I hope so]
[x]Your voice is neutrally toned. [I think so]
[x]You can hit both low and high notes without too much trouble. [lol too high and I sound like a prepubescent boy, too low I sound like a creep. xD]
Total:9 OH YES

[ ]You're very mature; possibly more mature than you should be at this age.(:iconpfftplz: when I need to be I will )
[x]You have your cute moments. [ .-. everyone tells me that what I do/say is cute from time to time.]
[ ]You get annoyed if people ask you pervy questions. [lol I answer them to the best of my abilty]
[ ]Someone currently likes you, but you like someone else.
[x]You like tuna.
[ ]You like long skirts.
[ ]Your voice is very womanly.
[x]You can hit low notes without too much trouble.
[ ]You were born sometime in January.
[x]You are/are close to being 17.
[x]You aren't the kind of person who sings all the time.

[ ]You also think Green is the enemy
[ ]You act tough but you have moments were you become very shy
[ ]You can't stay away from your cell phone
[x]You get bored easily
[x]You like to sleep
[ ]You usually wear shorts under your skirt
[ ]You've been accused of copying someone else's "look"
[ ]You want to have a voice of your own
[ ]You have a thing for guys in ponytails
[ ]You are rather short for your age
[ ]You can text very fast

[ ]You like to drink
[ ]You've got nice boobs.
[ ]You have been called boring quite often
[ ]Your birthday is in November
[x]You are rather quiet [I'm just an awkward turtle]
[x]You can be very shy
[ ]You can sing lower pitched songs
[ ]You been told things that brought you down
[ ]You sometimes consider yourself as a "failure"
[ ]You want more love
[ ]You have a "drinking buddy"
Total: 2

Other stuff:

< w > I has a ELF group~ though I have doubts on the person who claimed Gakupo. School is commin up like a creep. I'm not kidding. I'm managing both of my accounts fairly well on here I think. I don't know. Anyways I should finish my laundry...

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